Secure Print Technologies

Here are just some of the many security technologies products VeriTrace™ provides.

VeriTrace™ Manufacturing Technologies

Intaglio Printing:

Produced using engraved plates and pressure. Often used for currency. Availability is limited and policed by all governments worldwide.

Latent Image:

A semi-covert printed image hidden within a pattern. Appears when viewed at an extreme angle. Only be produced via intaglio technology.


Fine lines produced by intaglio print process. Can be manipulated in both width and height producing very fine and unique patterns and images.


Words generally smaller than 1 pt. in letter size. The smallest printed microtext is normally 0.5 pt. Intaglio combines small size with raised print.

Holograms (Optically Variable Devices):

Used worldwide for authentication and decoration. Unique 3D look and coloration is easily recognized. Their high resolution and ability to carry hidden and multiple optical imagery provides robust security.

Tamper Evident Void:

A release layer applied between a label or tape substrate and the adhesive layer. Any attempt is made to remove indicates tampering.


Can be a simple consecutive number or a sophisticated invisible, encrypted 2D bar code. Code types are dependent on the who, what, where, and when of the code being used.

Anti-copy Void:

Fine lines or dots usually within a printed background that is not easily detectable with the naked eye. When an attempt is made to photocopy of a printed product, a pattern or "void" appears in the copied version.


Unique markers produced in a wide variety of chemical and physical formats. Most require a proprietary reader and are viewed under strong magnification.


The markers are virtually indestructible, impossible to replicate and adaptable to almost limitless applications.

Optically Variable Ink (OVI):

Change color properties under changing light conditions. Some change in standard white light by viewing from two different angles. Others need to be lighted with UV, IR or Laser light.


The base material of a label, tape or document. May be paper or synthetic and can be used with or without taggants, watermarks, chemical coatings, contain fibers, threads or other security technologies.


Typically metallic or holographic in appearance. May contain other security technologies like taggants. Holographic foils range from simple "rainbow" to complex security patterns.

Invisible Inks:

Not visible to the naked eye without special light sources. UV or black light inks are common. Inks containing upshifting phosphors are illuminated by laser light.

Security Thread:

A fine material strip or filament with security features embedded into, or applied to the surface of, a label, tape or document substrate.

Hidden Imaging:

A proprietary VeriTrace™ software adds image layers to standard PDF files that are hidden. The images are revealed using a special lens. Hidden images can be consistent or generated from the data within the image file.