Secure Label Printer Launches Site that Educates & Supports International Brands



VeriTrace launches a new site that aims to educate brands on the perils of counterfeit and fraudulent products and supply chain management.


VeriTrace, Inc., a manufacturer of anti-counterfeit labels, tapes, seals and security documents, is excited to announce the launch of their new website. Designed to offer a user-friendly experience, the website includes improved navigation and industry-specific secure print solutions product pages.

“Our new website highlights the wide variety of security technologies and expertise we offer to help brands authenticate, track & trace, fight diversion, secure and provide visibility into their supply chains,” Robert Sherwood, VP of Security Programs, points out.

VeriTrace is becoming an industry leader by offering more than secure print products and solutions. The company strives to be a thought leader and resource for brands looking to secure their operations and supply chain.

What sets the company apart from their competition is their intaglio printing capabilities. Intaglio print the same secure print technology used to create currencies around the world. This print technology is used with pressure sensitive materials to create a label that can be applied directly to products or cartons and can easily be verified. This technology is extremely difficult to replicate.

VeriTrace owner, Bob Hakman states, “We are very excited about the new VeriTrace website as it not only discusses all our capabilities for security printing but provides a great avenue for our customers to communicate with us and we with them about their security needs.  The new site also makes it easy for us to show new or enhanced security features and technologies as we work to expand our innovative product offerings to both governmental and industrial clients.”

In addition to print services, VeriTrace also offers supply chain track and trace solutions. Track and trace software allow companies to make improvements along the production line. The platform authorizes manufacturers to recall defective products, implement quality assurance procedures, and minimize errors. In addition, track and trace is a line of defense against counterfeiting and diversion by creating a transparent supply chain.

Along with secure labels, seals and tapes, track and trace technologies offer a sophisticated multi-layered solution.

Users are invited to join VeriTrace’s mailing list to have industry news regarding the latest secure print technologies delivered right to their inbox. Valuable anti-counterfeiting content will also be available on the site’s blog section.



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