VeriTrace Solutions for Wine & Spirit Fraud

Wine fraud is big business these days. Like fake shoes, handbags and luxury items, wine and spirits experience counterfeiting. Wineries experiencing product fraud risk their
brand’s reputation and revenue.

Print technology has advanced to meet this growing need for product authentication. Complex print techniques, along with authentication software goes a long way in
stopping counterfeiters.

VeriTrace’s print capabilities provide an added level of security that builds trust with consumers, and our decorative labels deliver superior print effects that will differentiate your
brand from competitors.

Products and Solutions for Wine & Spirit Fraud

VeriTrace offers a complete line of state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit and tamper/void solutions combined with unique security features. These labels are powerful brand protection tools. Our multi-level technology approach combines overt, covert and forensic security technologies allowing authentication throughout the supply chain.  Here is just a selection of the label security features VeriTrace is capable of printing.

Secure Wine & Spirit Labels


VeriTrace’s secure labels offer wine and spirit producers a solution that protects revenue stream and prevents business interruption. To protect brand identity, we create secure label solutions that are easy to verify, including for the consumer. This protects a product’s legitimacy and maintains consumer confidence.


Some security label benefits include:


   Counterfeiters can’t replicate complex print techniques.


   A wide range of inks and substrates means more label options.


   Taggants reassures consumers and retailers of authenticity.


   Holograms, microtext and other print effects create unique label designs.

Track and Trace Software


Track and Trace is the process of marking individual units with unique serial numbers and tracking them from origin to final destination. Units can be aggregated to pallets and shipments and reassigned anywhere in the supply chain; providing full visibility and security.  The coding methodology is flexible, utilizing QR or 2D barcodes, NFC, RFID, etc., or any combination of technologies creating a smart label.


Create visibility in your supply chain that detects diversion, verifies authenticity and maintains inventory standards, such as product vintage tracking, with our Track and Trace technology.


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